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Commands with options hang server

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Old Unix and Linux 12-07-2012   -   Original Discussion by manuswami
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Commands with options hang server

Hello Folks,

when i run simple ls command i am getting the output properly. See below:

[root@xxx logs]# ls
ecapPlat.err FileMover.log.2 FileScrubber.log.1 MeasServer.log mysentfile surv.log
ecapPlat.log FileMover.log.3 FileScrubber.log.2 MeasServer.log.1 netConfig.err TimeServer.log
FileMover.log FileMover.log.4 FileScrubber.log.3 MeasServer.log.2 sentryd.log
FileMover.log.1 FileScrubber.log Logd.log MeasServer.log.3 sentryReport.log
[root@xxx logs]#

But when i run ls -lrt, it simply hangs the server. See below:

[root@chnecap1A logs]# ls -lrt
total 191868
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 764348 Dec 20 2010 mysentfile

(Above doesnt come back to command prompt)

Even ctrl+C doesnt work. Every time i need to open a new session.

Appreciate any help.


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Old Unix and Linux 12-07-2012   -   Original Discussion by manuswami
jim mcnamara jim mcnamara is offline Forum Staff  
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I'm guessing there is an error in the filesystem structure.

Or more likely:

Is nfs is involved? If the directory is a remote directory or there are symbolic links in the directory that refer to nfs mounted directories/files then this hanging can occur.

Please show the output of these commands:

uname -a
df -h

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