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KusuDB: Operational Error occurred when connecting to the DB

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Old Unix and Linux 12-06-2012
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KusuDB: Operational Error occurred when connecting to the DB

I have RHEL5.3 that is with the Platform Cluster Manger PCM installation. on master node. Unfortunately some files were deleted from the /var directory and then the postgresql service couldn't start. I have deleted, rm -rf /var/lib/pgsql/data and started the service again now the service is running but I cannot run some administrative commands including cluster tasks (which are very important).

for example

[root@pmd02 ~]# addhost
KusuDB: Operational Error occurred when connecting to the DB
       Most likely cause: insufficient permissions for user=nobody
FATAL:  Ident authentication failed for user "nobody"

ERROR:  Database query failed!  Make sure the database is available

How can I get rid of this error. I cannot afford reinstallation of PCM as many applications are running on the master node.

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Old Unix and Linux 12-06-2012
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If you delete your database, your database probably isn't going to work anymore.
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