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Find Computer Location

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Find Computer Location
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Find Computer Location

Hi, there, How to know location of a computer where its IP Address and Computer name is known? tx
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please clarify what you want to do. give as many information as you can!
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Hi, tx. I got a computer's IP Address and its computer name. And i want to catch where the computer location.
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you wrote that in your first post... you can't get a location from the ip. you can trace the ip and narrow it down to a region (maybe).
without more information this is all i can say...
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Ok, Duke.. I have a problem... someone broke a production machine and change some accounts.. I only can get its IP Address and Computer Name. I need some ways to catch this hacker..and I have no idea. tx.
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as sorry as i am, but this is against our rules... trying to catch a hacker by his ip is also hacking. i've to close this thread.
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