Iptables/Firewall rules for multicast IP.

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Iptables/Firewall rules for multicast IP.
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Old 08-29-2012
Iptables/Firewall rules for multicast IP.

Hi Gurus,

I need to add Multicast Port = xyz

Multicast Address = 123.134.143 ( example) to my firewall rules. Can you please guide me with the lines I need to update my iptables files with.
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fwb_pix(1)							 Firewall Builder							fwb_pix(1)

fwb_ipt - Policy compiler for Cisco IOS ACL SYNOPSIS
fwb_iosacl [-vV] [-d wdir] [-4] [-6] [-i] -f data_file.xml object_name DESCRIPTION
fwb_iosacl is firewall policy compiler component of Firewall Builder (see fwbuilder(1)). Compiler reads objects definitions and firewall description from the data file specified with "-f" option and generates resultant Cisco IOS ACL configuration file. The configuration is written to the file with the name the same as the name of the firewall object, plus extension ".fw". Compiler generates extended access lists for Cisco routers running IOS v12.x using "ip access-list <name>" syntax. Compiler also generates "ip access-group" commands to assign access lists to interfaces. Generated ACL configuration can be uploaded to the router manually or using built-in installer in the fwbuilder(1) GUI. The data file and the name of the firewall objects must be specified on the command line. Other command line parameters are optional. OPTIONS
-4 Generate iptables script for IPv4 part of the policy. If any rules of the firewall refer to IPv6 addresses, compiler will skip these rules. Options "-4" and "-6" are exclusive. If neither option is used, compiler tries to generate both parts of the script, although generation of the IPv6 part is controlled by the option "Enable IPv6 support" in the "IPv6" tab of the firewall object advanced settings dialog. This option is off by default. -6 Generate iptables script for IPv6 part of the policy. If any rules of the firewall refer to IPv6 addresses, compiler will skip these rules. -f FILE Specify the name of the data file to be processed. -d wdir Specify working directory. Compiler creates file with ACL configuration in this directory. If this parameter is missing, then gen- erated ACL will be placed in the current working directory. -v Be verbose: compiler prints diagnostic messages when it works. -V Print version number and quit. -i When this option is present, the last argument on the command line is supposed to be firewall object ID rather than its name URL
Firewall Builder home page is located at the following URL: http://www.fwbuilder.org/ BUGS
Please report bugs using bug tracking system on SourceForge: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=5314&atid=105314 SEE ALSO
fwbuilder(1), fwb_pix(1), fwb_ipfw(1), fwb_ipf(1), fwb_ipt(1) fwb_pf(1) FWB

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