configuring MYsql db on redhat cluster

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat configuring MYsql db on redhat cluster
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Old 08-13-2012
configuring MYsql db on redhat cluster


can someone please suggest me in configuring the mysql db on redhat cluster, I have few questions.
1. where do I have to configure heart beat links, and is there any file in the redhat cluster that we update it to use these ipaddress and these interface on the node.
2. I am configuring 2-node cluster, active/passive, I have added service group. my question is do I need to configure the failover domain as the 2nd node and assign it to the servicegroup I created. ??
3. can we configure ext3 on the shared storage, is gfs2 needed ??

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mkqdisk(8)						      Quorum Disk Management							mkqdisk(8)

mkqdisk - Cluster Quorum Disk Utility WARNING
Use of this command can cause the cluster to malfunction. SYNOPSIS
mkqdisk [-?|-h] | [-L] | [-f label] [-c device -l label] [-d [-d ...]] DESCRIPTION
The mkqdisk command is used to create a new quorum disk or display existing quorum disks accessible from a given cluster node. OPTIONS
-c device -l label Initialize a new cluster quorum disk. This will destroy all data on the given device. If a cluster is currently using that device as a quorum disk, the entire cluster will malfunction. Do not run this on an active cluster when qdiskd is running. Only one device on the SAN should ever have the given label; using multiple different devices is currently not supported (it is expected a RAID array is used for quorum disk redundancy). The label can be any textual string up to 127 characters - and is therefore enough space to hold a UUID created with uuidgen(1). -f label Find the cluster quorum disk with the given label and display information about it. -L Display information on all accessible cluster quorum disks. -d Increase debugging level. Specify multiple times for more information. Currently, specifying more than twice has no effect. SEE ALSO
qdisk(5), qdiskd(8), uuidgen(1) July 2006 mkqdisk(8)

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