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RedHat Linux GUI Issues

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat RedHat Linux GUI Issues
# 1  
RedHat Linux GUI Issues

hi all

i have installed Windows 7 first. then i installed linux on dual partations...

i am booting both of them through dual boot... but when i start linux its only working well with CUI, when i used commands like startx or changed the initd to 5 then its loading the GUI interface of RedHat Linux but its not visible clearly...
after reading some forums i tried to change the resolution settings... but its not working, my GUI of windows 7 is booting well...

awaiting reply...

thanks in advance...

Nikhil Dethe
# 2  
You may need to install graphics drivers for your system. You have given no details of hardware model or type.
# 3  
You can not compare windows & linux, here. Can you give some details about the hardware you have? Specify the cpu & RAM.
# 4  
and also tell us the graphics card or chip you have.

Also how did you try to edit the resolution?
# 5  
Hi All

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 350 @ 2.27GHz 2.26GHz
RAM : 3.00 GB (2.87 GB usable)

Display adapters : Standard VGA Graphics Adapter

i have retrieved this information from Windows Login...
is this sufficient... if not then plz tell me how to find it???

one more thing...
i am able to boot in to linux graphics mode... but the vision is not clear at all...
by taking some efforts, i tried to go in

System >> Preferences >> Display

then i Changed the resolution to
1024 X 768
1366 X 768
800 X 600

but nothing is working...
and my lappy is 17 inch
for which windows 1366 X 768 is suitable...

Thanks alot...
# 6  
What do you mean by 'not clear at all'?



On fire?

Everything is a tiny square in the middle of the screen?
# 7  
Your laptop doesn't have a driver for graphics for Windows either. I think he's complaining about resolution. What model laptop is this?

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