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File access time issue

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat File access time issue
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Old 06-20-2012
Java File access time issue

Hi, I am facing a weird file access time issue on redHat5.x. I have a program which will scan the files in the NFS system and delete files which are older than 4 days, before deleting files program will print the access time of the file.

Some of the files are getting deleted which are not older than 4 days i.e.1 day (or) 2 days old. When we verified the logs for these files the access time of the files is 154400.4.
As the access time is more than 4 days program is deleting the file.

Can anyone please help with this issue.

thanks in advance
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Old 06-20-2012
Okay, need a few details to begin with. Is the RHEL machine the NFS server or it's just an NFS client? If NFS server is a different machine, what U**X variant is running on that and what is the native filesystem and of course the /etc/fstab entry for that filesystem (I'm looking for noatime mount option in particular).

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