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check system resources (VPS) to see if match what I paid?

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat check system resources (VPS) to see if match what I paid?
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Question check system resources (VPS) to see if match what I paid?

-bash-3.2$ cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS release 5.8 (Final)


Our company recently paid a hosting company (who shall remain nameless) with certain service guarantees. Is there a simple way to list the CPU speed, RAM, Disk Space etc.

It is supposed to be;

25GB Disk Space, 500GB Premium Bandwidth, 512MB Memory

Is there a way to verify that they sold us this (Although "premium" anything is hard to gauge) ie is there a linux command that can verify this?
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For CPU speed:
grep -i mhz /proc/cpuinfo

For RAM:
free -m

For disk space:
df -h

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for memory, I would even suggest the following:

vmstat -s -S M | egrep 'mem|swap'

Also, realize that if you are in a virtual server, you are NOT guaranteed any "MHz" value, per se. You are given timeshare slices against a CPU that relate to the approximate value of one of your CPUs, which may or may not be a real CPU, if they are doing hyperthreading.

My suggestion:

Performance test.
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