isql command not working in Linux 64bit

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isql command not working in Linux 64bit

I am using Linux RHEL5 64 bit and installed oracle 11g.
I want to check ODBC connection , i had modified odbc.ini file
when i use this command -isql
I am getting following error .
bash: isql: command not found

Kindly help
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You PATH environment would not appear to be correct. Can you show us the output from:-
$ echo $PATH
$ find / -name isql 2>/dev/null

That should start us off. Of course, I'm assuming that you have read access to the directories that contain it, and indeed that it is installed. Being Oracle, is it not sqlplus ? Just a thought, I don't have an Oracle version that new!

# 3  
now I am able to use this command , there was some problem with the installation.
but at present I am unable to do connectivity to oracle 11g using ODBC.

and tnsnames.ora also
still I am getting the error as

[S1000][unixODBC][Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-12514: TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor

Kindly help
# 4  
The server where the Oracle database runs, has to have a network listner (port 1521) and a configuration file to recognise your request.

You will need to talk to the person who set up the new Oracle database on the remote server. If this is actually the same server, then don't connect with ODBC anyway. You environment variables should be enough.

Can you elaborate on what is local, what is remote and what is in the TNS Listener config file - and is it running (netstat -na|grep 1521)


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One of the product required ODBC connectivity and netstat is working fine
where can I finf this tns listener config file . r u talking of listener.ora
# 6  
Yes, listener.ora is the usual file. How is your database defiend within there? If you call it as SID DB, does your tnsnames.ora send you to the right place and is the other end listening for your call.

You could try:-
tnsping DB

and see if that connects to the right place. That will at least validate part of tnsnames.ora, is pointing to the correct server and shows that port 1521 is open.

Does that get you any nearer? If not, please paste the output and we'll have a think.

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