How to pass value of pwd as variable in SED to replace variable in a script file

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat How to pass value of pwd as variable in SED to replace variable in a script file
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Old 03-27-2012
How to pass value of pwd as variable in SED to replace variable in a script file

Hi all,

Hereby wish to have your advise for below:

Main concept is
I intend to get current directory of my script file.
This script file will be copied to /etc/init.d.
A string in this copy will be replaced with current directory value.

Below is original script file:

cp $current _dir/myScript /etc/init.d/myService
sed -i 's/$(pwd)/$current_dir/g' /etc/init.d/myService

I keep on got error on passing $pwd to sed... please advise...

Many thanks!
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Old 03-27-2012
Variables do not expand in single-quotes:

$ echo '$PWD'

$ echo "$PWD"


So put your sed expression in double quotes "" instead of single-quotes.
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Old 03-27-2012
Hi Corona688, thank you for your prompt reply.

I have tested and tried to edit my script with yout advice.. but still unable to get the value of PWD to replace my copy of shell script.

I have 2 shell script, and will make a copy of at /etc/init.d and will replace the "$PWD" keyword in the copy of

Below is the edited code for my scripts:

echo $current_dir

cp $current_dir/ /etc/init.d/
sed -i 's/$PWD/"$current_dir"/g' /etc/init.d/
echo $current_dir

when i execute the the keyword PWD in copy of is replaced with the string "$current_dir"
and eventually i have this
in my copyOf

I tried to manipulate the quotes.. but still unable to get the thing right...

please advise again...
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Old 03-27-2012
To repeat:

Originally Posted by Corona688
Variables do not expand in single-quotes:
Change the quotes to double quotes. You can escape the inner double quotes with \.

It's also not great to use / as the what-dya-call-it when dealing with paths.

sed -i "s|$PWD|\"$current_dir\"|g" /etc/init.d/

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Old 03-27-2012
yea.. i tried with
[CODE]sed -i "s/$PWD/"$current_dir"/g" /etc/init.d/

but i got this error message:

sed: -e expression #1, char 9: unknown option to `s'

Then i tried with your advise,
sed -i "s|$PWD|\"$current_dir\"|g" /etc/init.d/

but the content of remained as

I was expecting

if my is resided at /opt/xSystem directory.

please advise again.
Many thanks!
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Old 03-27-2012
So "$PWD" is literal?

sed -i "s|\$PWD|....

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Old 03-28-2012
thanks Scott!

It is working after i reply my code with your advice.

May i know what is the syntax "\" and "|" for?
What is all this syntax called? as i need to get appropriate keyword to Google around.

May i have another advise again?

How can i assign another variable to the higher directory of my current directory?

Currently i am doing this in stupid way:

higher_dir=$(cd .. pwd)

please advice again..

---------- Post updated 03-28-12 at 01:47 AM ---------- Previous update was 03-27-12 at 09:33 PM ----------

i intend to get the upper level of a location that i will .
I passed this location to a variable
upperlevel = $(cd .. $mainlocation)

saying if my $PWD is eventually is assigned as "/opt/xSystem/config" ..
how can i assign "/opt/xSystem" to upperlevel

please advise.

Many thanks!
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