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shutdown.allow not working

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Old Unix and Linux 03-11-2012   -   Original Discussion by Vaibhav.T
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MySQL shutdown.allow not working

Dear Frnds

I want to allow few users to reboot the machine from Console.I have altered the ctlaltdel line with -a flag in " inittab file " I have also created shutdown.allow file in /etc and putted some users there.

The problem is when i try to reboot with users except users in /etc/shutdown.allow , machine is rebooting.I want to restrict other users.

Please help me

Thank You
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Old Unix and Linux 03-11-2012   -   Original Discussion by Vaibhav.T
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You can also edit the /etc/sudoers file and allow specific users to shutdown or reboot the system .Something like that .

## Allows members of the users group to shutdown this system
# %users  localhost=/sbin/shutdown -h now

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