KSH script help needed ( nice error trap routine ?)

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat KSH script help needed ( nice error trap routine ?)
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Old 02-13-2012
KSH script help needed ( nice error trap routine ?)

I am running a script that runs a loop and executes a command on ${i} until the end of the for loop.

From time to time the command generates an error ( which is good) for example ERROR0005:

How can I trap the error and send an email echoing the ${i} variable in the loop and the error ?

and or better yet run a command that fixes the error based on ${i} + the error code?

This is a RH Enterprise 5.x OS using the K-Shell ( we moved from a Unix to linux environment and have hundreds of scripts to migrate so we kept the ksh format to make life easier)
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Old 02-13-2012
Do you mean the ERR trap code?

trap 'commands go here;
       more commands;
       yet more commands; 
       echo |myscript.sh ERROR | mailx -s "error on myscript" me@mycompany.com;  
       exit 1'  ERR

The mailx statement sends email.

EVERY command that returns non-zero gets routed into the trap. Example: when you are using grep to test a string and it fails, you end up in the trap. So, you will have to have a global variable that holds the error text so the trap can ignore most harmless non-zero returns
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Old 02-13-2012
Thanks for the suggestion but how would that fit into a for loop?

for i in ${list}
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