sendmail client with AUTH

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sendmail client with AUTH

I use redhat 5.7 .
I configure sendmail as client and deliver the email to the external SMTP server( .
The smtp server need SMTP AUTH in order to send email with SMTP.
I configure and follow this link .
Sendmail as SMTP Authentication | Free Linux Tutorials
I try to send email using sendmail to this smtp server but failure with AUTH .
[root@localhost asterisk]# sendmail -f -v
. Connecting to [] via relay...
>>> EHLO localhost.localdomain
250-SIZE 20480000
>>> MAIL From:<> SIZE=18
250 OK
>>> RCPT To:<>
530 SMTP authentication is required.
>>> RSET
250 OK
>>> RSET
250 OK Using cached ESMTP connection to [] via relay...
>>> MAIL From:<> SIZE=1042
250 OK
>>> RCPT To:<>
530 SMTP authentication is required.
>>> RSET
250 OK
>>> RSET
250 OK
postmaster... Using cached ESMTP connection to [] via relay...
>>> MAIL From:<> SIZE=2066
250 OK
>>> RCPT To:<postmaster@localhost.localdomain>
530 SMTP authentication is required.
>>> RSET
250 OK
Closing connection to []
>>> QUIT
221 goodbye
[root@localhost mail]# cat authinfo
AuthInfo: """""P:123456" "M:LOGIN PLAIN"
AuthInfo: """P:123456" "M:LOGIN PLAIN"
[root@localhost mail]# pwd
[root@localhost mail]#

So, please advice what is the problem in sendmail in order to configure the smtp ATUH client ...
Regard/chui king man
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i am desperate, need configure sendmail to use externa SMTP and it does not require authentication. how do i do it?

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