VMBox not Recognizing eth0 on RH.

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat VMBox not Recognizing eth0 on RH.
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VMBox not Recognizing eth0 on RH.


I re-installed my laptop and installed a new copy of VMBOX, I created a VM Machine with my Rhel5 and a CEntos copy as well.

I am using a laptop HP DV4, I use wireless on the laptop.

Usually when I boot up in to either machine I would get eht0 and lo as usual now I just don't get eht0, I setup eth0 as dynamic and restart network services and nothing says failed. I've never had to change any settings in VMbox anyone have any ideas what I could change to get my VM running, I tried a few settings with no success.. I tried bridge connections.. any ideas?!
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By VMBOX, do you mean VM VirtualBox?
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device name

On the host o/s, type:
ip addr
to get your device name.
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Originally Posted by rcmjivaro
On the host o/s, type:
ip addr
to get your device name.
and this works on which host os? and in what way does it help with the problem?
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Make sure eth0 is configured in /etc/modprobe.conf. Also, make sure it is configured to come up on boot in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0.

It might be under NetworkManager control as well.
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