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Why do we use RRDtool in MRTG?

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Why do we use RRDtool in MRTG?
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Old 10-19-2011
Data Why do we use RRDtool in MRTG?

Hi Guys,

Why do we use RRDtool in MRTG?

I have implemented MRTG for some routers,
I have read some notes about RRDTOOL also but don't know what is use of these tool.

Any one one please explain me the use of RRDTOOL in their own words?
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Old 10-19-2011
Not my words Smilie

mrtg will use rrdtool to update its databases. These will have a new format called rrd which is totally different than the native log format of the classic mrtg.
From MRTG - How to use RRDtool with MRTG - the official RRD project page.

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