LVM unmounted due to out of memory

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Old 10-12-2011
LVM unmounted due to out of memory

Hi ,
Our one of VMguest all lvm got unmounted once the machine is rebooted

when in repair state dmesg its showing an error out of memory killed process 22289 (lvm)

please refer screen shots attached

when i look the lvscan its showing all lvm are inactive
i checked throuh top there nothing used much memory
any idea how to get RCA

---------- Post updated 10-12-11 at 06:04 PM ---------- Previous update was 10-11-11 at 07:41 PM ----------

issue resolved
its related hugpages settings

we have changed the huge pages settings and resolved the issue

Actual Mem is 4GB and we assigned huge pages 3200 pages (i.e 6.25 Gb)

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