Automatic enable for screen lock in vnc

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Automatic enable for screen lock in vnc
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Old 09-01-2011
Automatic enable for screen lock in vnc


I am using Redhat 5.0 OS, i want that the screen or session to be locked if machine is idle for few minutes. I have enabled screensaver lock on my machine and it works for my machine. But i have created vnc server's as well for my machine which i access from my windows machine.

So for my vncsession's it doesn't work. I have to explicitly click on "Lock Session" to enable screen saver with password.

I have set it on my machine using System -> Screen saver properties.

Can any one please help me to achieve this for my vncsessions as well.

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Old 09-01-2011
@sarbjit, are you running vnc sessions in full screen mode? screen saver will kick in only if using full screen mode in vnc. So try that and let us know if it worked.
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Old 09-01-2011
Originally Posted by dude2cool
@sarbjit, are you running vnc sessions in full screen mode? screen saver will kick in only if using full screen mode in vnc. So try that and let us know if it worked.
I am not sure what you mean by full screen mode. But yes when i create vnc session, i specify geometry. So i use following command for creating vnc

vncserver -geometry 1300x800 <machinename>:1

Are you referring this geometry to be source of non full screen mode. If yes, is there any other way by which i can get both desired resolution as well as screen saver. Full screen mode comes out to be to big and i dont like to use scroll bars Smilie
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Old 09-01-2011
hmm not sure if it can be done any other way. Maybe someone else on the forum can advice.

The only other thing I can recommend is try a different vnc client. See if it gives you more options to control your display etc.


and the full screen setting I was talking about, look at the below URL. Basically you press f8 when connected through VNC and you get a menu to go to full screen mode.

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