x-win client connect red hat

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat x-win client connect red hat
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Old 06-22-2011
x-win client connect red hat

I use red hat linux ES 5.5 32 bit .
There is x win(startx) installed.
I wan to use XP at another computer and connect the x-win(startx) through IP network .
Which software/freeware I can use ???
Please advice ..
Is it free ???
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STARTX(1)						      General Commands Manual							 STARTX(1)

startx - initialize an X session SYNOPSIS
startx [ [ client ] options ... ] [ -- [ server ] [ display ] options ... ] DESCRIPTION
The startx script is a front end to xinit(1) that provides a somewhat nicer user interface for running a single session of the X Window System. It is often run with no arguments. Arguments immediately following the startx command are used to start a client in the same manner as xinit(1). The special argument '--' marks the end of client arguments and the beginning of server options. It may be convenient to specify server options with startx to change on a per-session basis the default color depth, the server's notion of the number of dots-per-inch the display device presents, or take advantage of a different server layout, as permitted by the Xorg(1) server and specified in the xorg.conf(5) configuration. Some examples of specifying server arguments follow; consult the manual page for your X server to determine which arguments are legal. startx -- -depth 16 startx -- -dpi 100 startx -- -layout Multihead To determine the client to run, startx first looks for a file called .xinitrc in the user's home directory. If that is not found, it uses the file xinitrc in the xinit library directory. If command line client options are given, they override this behavior and revert to the xinit(1) behavior. To determine the server to run, startx first looks for a file called .xserverrc in the user's home directory. If that is not found, it uses the file xserverrc in the xinit library directory. If command line server options are given, they override this behavior and revert to the xinit(1) behavior. Users rarely need to provide a .xserverrc file. See the xinit(1) manual page for more details on the arguments. The system-wide xinitrc and xserverrc files are found in the /etc/X11/xinit directory. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
DISPLAY This variable gets set to the name of the display to which clients should connect. Note that this gets set, not read. XAUTHORITY This variable, if not already defined, gets set to $(HOME)/.Xauthority. This is to prevent the X server, if not given the -auth argument, from automatically setting up insecure host-based authentication for the local host. See the Xserver(1) and Xsecurity(7) manual pages for more information on X client/server authentication. FILES
$(HOME)/.xinitrc Client to run. Typically a shell script which runs many programs in the background. $(HOME)/.xserverrc Server to run. The default is X. /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc Client to run if the user has no .xinitrc file. /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc Server to run if the user has no .xserverrc file. SEE ALSO
xinit(1), X(7), Xserver(1), Xorg(1), xorg.conf(5) X Version 11 xinit 1.3.2 STARTX(1)