Bind 9.x cannot log answers to queries

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Bind 9.x cannot log answers to queries
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Data Bind 9.x cannot log answers to queries

I know this is a duplicate question but the original has never been answered properly. I've got Bind 9.x set up on my box and the logging turned on. I can see queries being logged but I still can't get it to log the answers to those queries. Here is my named.conf file:
 # File: /etc/named.conf

  logging {
              channel query.log {
                          file "/tmp/dnslog";
                                  // Set the severity to dynamic to see all the
                                  // debug messages.
                                  severity debug;
                                  print-time yes;
                                  print-severity yes;
                                  print-category yes;

              category default { query.log; };
              category network { query.log; };
              category queries { query.log; };
              category general { query.log; };
              category database { query.log; };
              category security { query.log; };
              category config { query.log; };
              category resolver { query.log; };
              category xfer-in { query.log; };
              category xfer-out { query.log; };
              category notify { query.log; };
              category client { query.log; };
              category unmatched { query.log; };
              category update { query.log; };
              category dispatch { query.log; };
              category dnssec { query.log; };
              category lame-servers { query.log; };


  options {
      listen-on port 53 {; };

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Interesting. What sort of DNS server are you? Caching, primary master, secondary master, stealth, or hybrid server?
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Essentially all I want to do is forward the dns traffic to the original nameservers and simply monitor dns queries and answers to get accurate dns lookup times. I guess I should modify my options as such:
options {
      forwarders {;;; };
      forward only;

Still can't get bind to log answers though Smilie

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