I want to know the disconnection time of my broadband tcp/ip connection.

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat I want to know the disconnection time of my broadband tcp/ip connection.
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Old 04-20-2011
I want to know the disconnection time of my broadband tcp/ip connection.


I want to know the disconnection time of my broadband tcp/ip connection as it got disconnected while downloading data.

I use Vuze bit torrent client and JDownloader .

I use broadband internet connection and my os is slack 11. The problem I have been facing for last 2/3 days that my internet connection disconnected at night. My provider uses "Idle time out" kind of disconnection when a connection remains idle ( sending a small dialog box, stating "Idle time out") but they don't seem to use it on my connection. I told them not to use it because I download data at night and my system remains unattended at that time but somehow I'm getting the disconnections. Is there any logging facility so I can log the tcp/ip connection and disconnection time?

Thank you.
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Old 05-06-2011
Consult your local business broadband provider, to help you with your query.
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