Fedora 14 touchpad issu for login screen

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Fedora 14 touchpad issu for login screen
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Fedora 14 touchpad issu for login screen

I installed fedora 14 to my old laptop and everything looks fine. But my synapticad touchpad adjustments are not valid for login screen.

How can we make mouse settings that will be valid for login screen also. (after login my settings overrides)

thanx in advance..
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synclient(1)						      General Commands Manual						      synclient(1)

synclient - commandline utility to query and modify Synaptics driver options. SYNOPSIS
synclient [-m interval] synclient [-hlV?] [var1=value1 [var2=value2] ...] DESCRIPTION
This program lets you change your Synaptics TouchPad driver for XOrg/XFree86 server parameters while X is running. For the -m and -h options, SHM must be enabled by setting the option SHMConfig "on" in your XOrg/XFree86 configuration. OPTIONS
-m interval monitor changes to the touchpad state. Interval specifies how often (in ms) to poll the touchpad state. Whenever a change in the touchpad state is detected, one line of output is generated that describes the current state of the touchpad. This option is only available in SHM mode. The following data is included in the output. time Time in seconds since the logging was started. x,y The x/y coordinates of the finger on the touchpad. The origin is in the upper left corner. z The "pressure" value. Pressing the finger harder on the touchpad typically produces a larger value. Note that most touch- pads don't measure the real pressure though. Instead, capacitance is usually measured, which is correlated to the contact area between the finger and the touchpad. Since more pressure usually means a larger contact area, the reported pressure value is at least indirectly related to the real pressure. f The number of fingers currently touching the touchpad. Note that only some touchpads can report more than one finger. Gen- erally, synaptics touchpads can, but ALPS touchpads can't. w The w value is a measurement of the finger width. This is only supported by some synaptics touchpads. Touchpads that can't measure the finger width typically report a faked constant value when a finger is touching the touchpad. l,r,u,d,m,multi The state of the left, right, up, down, middle and multi buttons. Zero means not pressed, one means pressed. Not all touch- pads have all these buttons. If a button doesn't exist, the value is always reported as 0. -l List current user settings. This is the default if no option is given. -V Print version number and exit. -? Show the help message. var=value Set user parameter var to value. FILES
/etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 EXAMPLES
To disable EdgeMotionSpeed: synclient EdgeMotionSpeed=0 To monitor touchpad events (requires SHM): synclient -m 100 AUTHORS
Peter Osterlund <petero2@telia.com> and many others. This man page was written by Mattia Dongili <malattia@debian.org> SEE ALSO
Xorg(1), syndaemon(1), synaptics(4) X Version 11 xf86-input-synaptics 1.6.2 synclient(1)

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