Linux system hangs giving ntp errors

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Linux system hangs giving ntp errors
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Old 01-21-2011
Linux system hangs giving ntp errors

Hi folks,
I am facing issue of my system (host1) getting hanged after throwing following ntpd messages. I am not able to ssh to the server there after. only option is to restart the host:
Dec 29 02:58:51 host1 ntpd[991]: time reset -0.207907 s
Dec 29 02:58:51 host1 ntpd[991]: synchronisation lost
Dec 29 04:20:20 host1 ntpd[991]: time reset 1.018233 s
Dec 29 04:20:20 host1 ntpd[991]: synchronisation lost
Dec 29 04:35:44 host1 ntpd[991]: time reset -0.468052 s
Dec 29 04:35:44 host1 ntpd[991]: synchronisation lost
Dec 29 08:27:47 host1 ntpd[991]: time reset 0.249744 s
Dec 29 08:27:47 host1 ntpd[991]: synchronisation lost
Dec 29 11:42:50 host1 syslogd 1.4.1: restart.
Dec 29 11:42:50 host1 syslog: syslogd startup succeeded

I checked the time of my client(host1) which is getting hanged and the ntp server and found that both are having same time.
ntpq -p output gives following:
[root@host1 log]# ntpq -p
remote refid st t when poll reach delay offset jitter
*server1.example.c server02.exampl 4 u 976 1024 377 0.701 10.092 0.886

[root@host1 log]# ntpstat
synchronised to NTP server ( at stratum 5
time correct to within 99 ms
polling server every 1024 s

Please advice. Thanks in advance.
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ntp-wait(1)							   User Commands						       ntp-wait(1)

ntp-wait - Wait for ntpd to stabilize the system clock SYNOPSIS
ntp-wait [-flags] [-flag [value]] [--option-name[[=| ]value]] All arguments must be options. DESCRIPTION
ntp-wait will send at most num-tries queries to ntpd(8), sleeping for secs-between-tries after each status return that says ntpd(8) has not yet produced a synchronized and stable system clock. ntp-wait will do this quietly, unless the -v flag is provided. This can be useful at boot time, to delay the boot sequence until after ntpd -g has set the time. OPTIONS
-n number, --tries=number Number of times to check ntpd. This option takes an integer number as its argument. The default number for this option is: 100 The maximum number of times we will check ntpd to see if it has been able to synchronize and stabilize the system clock. -s secs-between-tries, --sleep=secs-between-tries How long to sleep between tries. This option takes an integer number as its argument. The default secs-between-tries for this option is: 6 We will sleep for secs-between-tries after each query of ntpd that returns "the time is not yet stable". -v, --verbose Be verbose. By default, ntp-wait is silent. With this option, ntp-wait will provide status information. -?, --help Display usage information and exit. -!, --more-help Pass the extended usage information through a pager. -v [{v|c|n --version [{v|c|n}]}] Output version of program and exit. The default mode is `v', a simple version. The `c' mode will print copyright information and `n' will print the full copyright notice. EXIT STATUS
One of the following exit values will be returned: 0 (EXIT_SUCCESS) Successful program execution. 1 (EXIT_FAILURE) The operation failed or the command syntax was not valid. 70 (EX_SOFTWARE) libopts had an internal operational error. Please report it to Thank you. AUTHORS
Harlan Stenn NOTES
This document corresponds to version 4.2.8p13 of NTP. This manual page was AutoGen-erated from the ntp-wait option definitions. ntp (4.2.8p13) 20 Feb 2019 ntp-wait(1)

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