How to Extend Boot Partition

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat How to Extend Boot Partition
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Java How to Extend Boot Partition


My linux server working with LVM partition and with /boot partition, now my /boot partition is full, now i need to extend my boot partition. can i know how to do it, without any data loss.

M.Selva Prakash
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Not my area, but does boot mean root?

LVM: Resizing the root partition
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First of all a /boot partition cannot be in an LVM.

Also, /boot is usually reserved for OS files used during boot up... I'm wondering why would you like to resize it.

Anyway the procedure should be the same as with any other partition: backup, unmount, resize, mount.
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No.. it's a /boot only.

remaining partition are under LVM including /root.

anyway tanq man.

i got tis below ans from another group.

" This can be very complicated task, better clean the content of the directory i.e. old kernel and init images "

---------- Post updated at 10:04 PM ---------- Previous update was at 10:02 PM ----------

@ verdepollo

actually i received the following message via email:

Filesystem /boot (/dev/sda1) on is using 100%

so only am asking yaar...

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Perhaps a better question would be how big is /boot and WHY is it full? Normally, 60MB is sufficient for most things. How large is it and why is it full? Do you have many custom kernels? Perhaps you can pare them down.
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