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Document management supported by RH?

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Document management supported by RH?
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Old 03-15-2010
Document management supported by RH?


I would like to know if exists any document management (KM) similar to Sharepoint, OpenKM... supported by Redhat 5.

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PPI::Document::File(3)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				    PPI::Document::File(3)

PPI::Document::File - A Perl Document located in a specific file DESCRIPTION
WARNING: This class is experimental, and may change without notice PPI::Document::File provides a PPI::Document subclass that represents a Perl document stored in a specific named file. METHODS
new my $file = PPI::Document::File->new( 'Module.pm' ); The "new" constructor works the same as for the regular one, except that the only params allowed is a file name. You cannot create an "anonymous" PPI::Document::File object, not can you create an empty one. Returns a new PPI::Document::File object, or "undef" on error. filename The "filename" accessor returns the name of the file in which the document is stored. save # Save to the file we were loaded from $file->save; # Save a copy to somewhere else $file->save( 'Module2.pm' ); The "save" method works similarly to the one in the parent PPI::Document class, saving a copy of the document to a file. The difference with this subclass is that if "save" is not passed any filename, it will save it back to the file it was loaded from. Note: When saving to a different file, it is considered to be saving a copy and so the value returned by the "filename" accessor will stay the same, and not change to the new filename. TO DO
- May need to overload some methods to forcefully prevent Document objects becoming children of another Node. SUPPORT
See the support section in the main module. AUTHOR
Adam Kennedy <adamk@cpan.org> COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2001 - 2011 Adam Kennedy. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. The full text of the license can be found in the LICENSE file included with this module. perl v5.18.2 2011-02-25 PPI::Document::File(3)

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