Server won't boot up ... no GRUB menu

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Server won't boot up ... no GRUB menu
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Old 10-07-2009
Server won't boot up ... no GRUB menu

I dont know what the heck happen but one of our DBAs was working on a cluster for oracle. Rebooted the box and viola, the OS won't load. After the POST message, I get a blinking cursor on the upper left hand corner. Doesn't even say "GRUB" or anything, it just blinks.

I tried going into rescue mode and re-installing GRUB but that didnt help. We even broke down the array just to check and that didn't help. I'm out of ideas. The data appears to be intact since I was able to chroot into the image when I boot off the CD. Any ideas?

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Old 10-11-2009
Sounds like the boot disk has not spun up to speed by the time the bios wants to access it. Some modern motherboards have a bios setting which introduces a delay to allow time for the disk to spin up. In your case, if nothing else has changed, the disk may be starting to fail.
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