printer setup issue

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat printer setup issue
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Old 09-09-2009
printer setup issue

I am a linux newbie who is in over his head.... We have a 3rd party company hosting our servers and they are running RHEL 4 (actaully is is OEL, but Oracle just rebranded RH) they installed a bunch of printers on the servers there. Our application prints but the formatt is off. When we had the printers here we were running AIX 5.3 and the printers were installed as generic ASCII. they sent me a link to this utility called printpro. when I look at the printer it is set up as generic Postscript. I tried to go into print pro as an admin and reconfigure the printer, however there is no option other then Postscript. So I think it might be how the printer was installed. I looked at the /etc/printcap file and this is the line it has for the printer in question:
is there a way I can see if the printer was installed as a postscript or ASCII and how can I change it.
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ESCPUTIL(1)						      Gimp-Print Manual Pages						       ESCPUTIL(1)

escputil - maintain Epson Stylus inkjet printers SYNOPSIS
escputil [ -P printer | -r device ] [ -m model ] [ -u ] [ -c | -n | -a | -i | -d | -o | -s | -l | -M | -h ] [ -q ] DESCRIPTION
escputil is a command line utility to perform various maintenance tasks on Epson Stylus inkjet printers. These tasks include head align- ment, head cleaning, nozzle check, printer identification, and retrieval of ink level from the printer. OPTIONS
escputil accepts the following options: -P, --printer-name=printer Specify the name of the printer to operate on. The default is the default system printer. -r, --raw-device=device Specify the name of the device to write to directly rather than going through a printer queue. You must use this (rather than speci- fying a printer) when retrieving ink levels or identifying the printer, or if you wish to perform head alignment without specifying the printer model. -m, --model=model Specify the precise printer model for head alignment. -u, --new The printer is a new printer (Stylus Color 740 or newer). -c, --clean-head Clean the print head. This can also be performed from the printer front panel. -n, --nozzle-check Print a nozzle test pattern. Dirty or clogged nozzles will show as gaps in the pattern. If you see any gaps, you should run a head cleaning pass or two. -a, --align-head Align the print head. CAUTION: Misuse of this option may result in poor print quality and/or damage to the printer. You must either specify the printer model with the -m option, or use the raw printer device to allow escputil to detect the printer model. -i, --ink-level Obtain the ink level from the printer. This requires read/write access to the raw printer device. -d, --identify Query the printer for make and model information. This requires read/write access to the raw printer device. -o, --align-color Align the color print head (used by Stylus Color 480 and 580 only). CAUTION: Misuse of this option may result in poor print quality and/or damage to the printer. -s, --status Retrieve printer status. -l, --license Display the license/warranty terms of this program. -M, --list-models List the supported printer models. -h, --help Display a list of all command line options. -q, --quiet Suppress the banner. BUGS
USB-connected printers sometimes fail to identify or return ink levels. You may have to repeat the command. This is probably a timing issue in escputil, not a flaw in the printer. Anything requiring bidirectional communication with the printer (identify, ink levels, or head alignment without specifying the printer model) requires read/write access to the printer port (for example /dev/lp0). This may require these operations to be performed as root. In addition, kernel support is required for bidirectional communication. For Linux version 2.2, CONFIG_PRINTER_READBACK should be enabled; this is called CONFIG_PARPORT_1284 on 2.4 and later kernels. If the printer is performing self-test or head cleaning on power up, the identify and ink level commands will time out, although the printer successfully receives the command. The command will need to be reissued when the printer is quiescent. AUTHORS
Robert Krawitz. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2000 Robert Krawitz ( This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. OTHER INFORMATION
The homepage of the gimp-print project from which this utility was contributed is located at SEE ALSO
lp(4), tunelp(8). Version 4.2.4 25 Nov 2002 ESCPUTIL(1)

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