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networking problems with ftp,telnet, ssh, http

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat networking problems with ftp,telnet, ssh, http
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Old 04-25-2009
networking problems with ftp,telnet, ssh, http

I have following problems with RHEL 5.2 Desktop installation

ftp, telnet, ssh and web are not working. Web browser tries to connect to host but eventually fail with timeout. ftp, telnet and ssh simply hung, nothing happens. Basically all protocols will end up in timeout.

ping, nslookup and traceroute works fine, so the network should be OK. Firewalls are and SEllinux diabled. Services should be installed and active.

If I monitor net traffic after any of those commands there are packages send and received. So the traffic is there but nothing happens Smilie

Any ideas how to solve this?
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Old 04-26-2009
Ping and traceroute are ICMP based, nslookup queries DNS, so UDP is involved (most likely) and it's likely that you will receive some response. So, if I got this right, you cannot establish any kind of session, in order to transfer some sort of data, whether via web or SSH. You can easily start debuggin SSH for example, or telneting to a public site, and see what exactly happens. Also, it is good that you've ruled out firewalls and SELinux, but sounds like your IP address isn't set correctly in some way. How did you configure your network settings, DHCP ? Also, you need to talk to your network / system administrator to check for any administrative prohibition of access onto your core/edge network equipment for your parcticular IP or VLAN. Are there any proxies involved ? Do you have root access on that machine, so that you can troubleshoot better ?
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Old 04-26-2009

Thanks for your answer sysgate. Youīve got it rigth, I canīt establish any data transfer session even though network connection seems to be OK. Here some answers to your questions.

1) Iīve tried to SSH, telnet and ftp several public sites. All these programs just hault, they seem be waiting some response that never comes. The process go to 'idle' state very soon after execution, network monitor shows some send/receive activity.

2) Network settings come from DHCP. IP address looks to be OK. I tried to disable ipv6 also but it didnīt help.

3) No proxies involved, direct connection to internet using Zyxel ADSL/WLAN box.

4) I have root access.

5) I have MS Vista installed also in the same machine. It setups the network automatically and connecto to internet without any problems.

6) I tried RHEL 5 server version too, no success

7) After RHEL I decided to try Fedora 10. Setup was done the same way and everything works fine eith it. The settings seem to be pretty much similar, the only differences Iīve found so far is that in Fedora the HOST name in prompt is 'localhost' as in RHEL it's 'DHCPPC'. Fedora also has xinetd.d service available that were missing form RHEL installation. That might be the reason?

I think I go with Fedora for a while and take copy of itīs config files for comparison before trying RHEL again.

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