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WebSocket over SSH tunnel - is it possible?

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Originally Posted by Vladislav
I investigated what TeamViewer does and it seems that they have a server side application that actively forwards the communication between the streaming server (remote controlled device) and client based on unique user IDs.
A rose by any other name is still a rose. I'd call it a VPN, or at least a proxy.

Running some sort of client on the remote side to accept connections could also work, so the client runs somewhere it can actually accept the random ports.

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Originally Posted by Corona688
A rose by any other name is still a rose. I'd call it a VPN.
Well, to a certain extent it does indeed behave like a VPN, but it does not use any form of tunneling and does not create a virtual network interface, like other VPN applications do. Also it does not function on the Internet layer of the connection (like IPSec) and only relays specific TCP messages that are part of the TeamViewer API (so it provides no extended network interfacing capabilities whatsoever). You might argue that e.g. OpenVPN tunnels it's traffic over TCP / UDP connections as well, but in that case they are used to multiplex SSL tunnels.

I already began developing a relatively simple server application that will do something similar - instead of situating my WebSocket listener on the streaming server device, I will put it in a 'mid point', where both the streaming server and clients will be able to connect.

The Java code will then handle the messaging and video streaming through a basic set of API commands and hopefully I will get what I want.

This type of architecture also makes a lot more sense with regard to the original purpose of the WebSocket design.

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