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Problem with Installing Perl Module in Fedora 20

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Special Forums IP Networking Proxy Server Problem with Installing Perl Module in Fedora 20
# 8  
Hi Zulfi

As reported in previous post by yum search audio beep, Audio::Beep is the very same as beep.
On howto install a package using yum, please see the first bold lines in my previous post.

gn8 & hth

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# 9  
Thanks for your reply. My friend i have already installed Audio::Beep in my post # 5. But its not generating any beep. Post# 5 also shows my program. Please guide me how to generate the Beep. What's wrong in my program in post#5?

# 10  
Sorry cant get a beep myself.
You might have more chances running it as root though... (see: man beep for details)

Just wanted to help you get it installed.
# 11  
Check and see if the pc speaker is blacklisted. I think it would be in /etc/modprobe.d/. Look for something like...
blacklist pcspkr
blacklist snd-pcsp

This User Gave Thanks to ongoto For This Post:
# 12  
There's a beep.conf in that directory /etc/modprobe.d/, i've just uncommented the alias line, rebooted and...
beep -> BEEP Smilie
# 13  
Great. I'll have to make a note of that beep.conf you mentioned.
# 14  
Thanks for help. I tried but still i am not able to hear any beep yet.

[root@localhost lab6]# cat
#use lib '/home/lab6/Audio-Beep-0.11';
use Audio::Beep;
my $beeper=Audio::Beep->new();

                # lilypond subset syntax accepted
                # relative notation is the default 
                # (now correctly implemented)
$music = "g' f bes' c8 f d4 c8 f d4 bes c g f2";
                # Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky

    $beeper->play( $music );

[root@localhost lab6]# vi test
[root@localhost lab6]# perl
[root@localhost lab6]# cd /etc/modprobe.d
[root@localhost modprobe.d]# ls
beep.conf  openfwwf.conf
[root@localhost modprobe.d]# cat beep.conf
# Uncomment the following line to have the pcspkr driver loaded
# automatically on boot
  alias platform:pcspkr pcspkr
[root@localhost modprobe.d]# cat
cat: No such file or directory
[root@localhost modprobe.d]#

Please guide me how to solve this problem. I am hearing beeps in vi editor if i make any mistake.


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