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First time AIX: question about updates

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Special Forums IP Networking Proxy Server First time AIX: question about updates
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First time AIX: question about updates

On HP_UX i download the patches and then install with swinstall
On AIX,i found "service packs" but there are many,i have to install all service packs,or the latest is ok?
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There's a good thread already in the forum here, certainly worth a read at the very least and it should give you some good pointers.



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Good thansk
Only last question: i have to choose latest sp,latest tl or
I still dont understand why 2 "types"
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On AIX when you run
oslevel -s    (You get something like below)

I have an example of AIX71
7100- is the Operating System Version
02 - is the Technology Level (TL)
03 - Service Pack level (SP)
1334 - is year and week of release ( year 2013 and 34th week)

A set of SPs make a TL, if you are too low on OS, then you might need to jump TL and SP or if you are on latest TL, you just need to jump SP.

If you jump from TL00 SP01 to TL02 and SP03, it will update all the prerequisites TL and SP levels.

I hope this helps.
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Perfect,thanks for help
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I have made this simple script

http : // p5bweg-9

Just put it on a nim server, set a proxy to connect to internet.

then edit the script:

1- change the level of TL and SP you want.
2- Set the PATH you want to download packages.
In this example script you will download TL3 and SP3 for AIX 7.1. See below in red

suma -x -a RqType=TL -a RqName=7100-03 -a FilterML=7100-00 -a DLTarget="$AIXPackages"
suma -x -a RqType=SP -a RqName=7100-03-03 -a FilterML=7100-03 -a DLTarget="$AIXPackages"

Once it has finished it will create a nim resource (lpp_source)

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