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Linux Networking - VLANs & Multiple IP's

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Ok, so those are two valid use cases:

1) Ensure separation of backup network from server traffic
2) Cluster interconnection separation from server traffic (e.g. Oracle RAC etc)

Any others?
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The decision about VLAN's is really down to your needs, in all here we operate around 8 or 9 VLAN's, mostly broken down by function.

But in addirion as we have a number of remote sites we have individulal VLAN's for each of them as well - giving a total of around 50.

It is not as simple as breaking the VLAN's down by function as you can see, each of the USER VLAN's has the same functionallity from a user perspective allowing them connection to the applications that they need to see.

This is down to the analysis of your require ments, we have separate Network Management and System Management VLAN's but you may not find that that is a requirement. We have a seperate Production and Test VLAN,s but we could just as easilly have had a single VLAN cover that.

So what you'll have to decide is how in depth you want to go on this how much segregation you want and how much administration overhead you are prepared to put up with. All these things will have a bearing on the resource requirements and therefore the cost and ongoing support requirements.



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Hi Dave,

We have a similar number of VLANs across our operations and there is no debate around the need for the VLANs and their separation. My question is more around whether a VM (e.g. Linux) would connect to many VLANs or only one VLAN. E.g. you say you have a System Management VLAN and then say a DMZ VLAN. If a VM is a web server running apache and sits in the DMZ VLAN, where would the ssh traffic to that same VM go? Would it have an IP on the Management VLAN on which SSH listens, and then another IP in the DMZ VLAN on which it does the HTTP traffic? or/ would you say that its primary function is a web server and thus both HTTP and SSH traffic goes on the DMZ VLAN
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