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Same title (almost) same IP address registered for two new users

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Special Forums IP Networking Proxy Server Same title (almost) same IP address registered for two new users
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Same title (almost) same IP address registered for two new users

I've noticed there are two threads:-They are for different users, but the titles alerted me. Checking on the accounts, they are both newly created from the same IP address. This is presumably their public facing proxy server, but should we be concerned? This may be two colleagues of course.

One post is merely the title and text of "Hi All" so probably an error post and they don't know what to do. Neither is in a sensible forum, unless someone else has moved one/both.

I'm happy to write to them both to ask what they wish to do and help them achieve it (if I can) so they can get some answers to their real question.

Is that okay or does anyone have any other suggestions?

(Still finding my feet with these privileges)
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I think like you, same person or same team since both posts are the same: As you are mod if you clikc on last edited by.. you end here:
and if you compare, you see that the content has been removed leaving " Hi all " but that content is the same as the post "Execute"...
Nevertheless why are they posting in "Contact admins and Mods..." ???
I would believe same person in a rush, not seeing his membership accepted fast enough posted for a new one...
My concern is we have a bot running to point out duplicates, why did this case not show up?
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Went and checked registration mails:



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