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RedHat Satellite server - Setting up HP Repository

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Special Forums IP Networking Proxy Server RedHat Satellite server - Setting up HP Repository
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RedHat Satellite server - Setting up HP Repository

Hi all,

We have been using Satellite to patch our RedHat servers for a while but up until recently these have only been virtual machines. Now we have a requirement to install a few physicals and I am trying to setup a sync a custom channel for the HP reository.

Our setup is that the Satellite server is going through a proxy (and it is working for the OS patches from RHN). I used the HP guide from their site and modified where necessary since they have changed some of the paths and names. It all looks straight forward but when I attempt to reposync I get an "Error setting up repositories: Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository ..."

I checked that I can access the path from the Satellite server and it does appear ok.

I have also tried using the spacewalk-repo-sync method and get the same message.

My Satellite server is running on a VM and using RHEL 6.5.
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Check this out (it seems to be an official knowledge base article):
This User Gave Thanks to junior-helper For This Post:
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That appears to deal with issues of the client to the satellite server. My problem is getting the repository installed and syncing from HP down to my satellite server.

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