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getservbyport - Always returning NULL servent

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Old 12-31-2008
getservbyport - Always returning NULL servent


I am having an issue using getservbyport. Here is a little program to demonstrate the problem (removed the includes):
main(void) {

        struct servent *service;
        int memsize = sizeof(struct servent);

        service = (struct servent *)malloc(memsize);
        bzero(service, memsize);
        service = getservbyport(25, NULL);
        if (service == NULL)
        printf("service name = %s\n", service->s_name);

        return 0;

Here is how I am compiling and running this program
me@host:~$ gcc -o foo foo.c 
me@host:~$ ./foo
getservbyport(): Success

I was expecting to see "service name = smtp", since my /etc/services file contains the following two lines:
smtp             25/tcp    mail         #Simple Mail Transfer
smtp             25/udp    mail         #Simple Mail Transfer

I tried this on two hosts with the same result. One has gcc 4.1.2 and the other has gcc 2.96. I also get the same result, on both hosts, if I specify the protocol to use when calling getservbyport (instead of NULL which matches any protocol).

Can anyone see what I am doing wrong, or why a NULL result from the call to getservbyport would say "Success" from the perror call? The man page for getservbyport says the following:
       The getservent(), getservbyname() and getservbyport() functions  return
       the  servent structure, or a NULL pointer if an error occurs or the end
       of the file is reached.

It could be reaching EOF, but again, the two lines are present for smtp in my /etc/services file.

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Old 12-31-2008
You're getting a bit tied up with pointer handling, but line 5 is where the real change is.

c code:
  1. int
  2. main(void) {
  4.         struct servent *service;
  5.         service = getservbyport(htons(25), NULL);
  6.         if (service == NULL)
  7.         {
  8.                 perror("getservbyport()");
  9.                 exit(1);
  10.         }
  11.         printf("service name = %s\n", service->s_name);
  13.         return 0;
  14. }
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Old 12-31-2008
Thanks reborg, I missed that in the man page.
       The getservbyport() function returns a servent structure for the line that  matches
       the  port  port given in network byte order using protocol proto. If proto is NULL,
       any protocol will be matched.

Thanks again,

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