Subroutine Hung

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Subroutine Hung

Hi friends

I am Administrator for a system works with uinx OS but, many times I get messages from server console inform me about Subroutine is Hanging
so what can I do to reset this Subroutine?

Note: always when I got that I restart the server but I think that is not professional solution.
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I have never seen a message like that. Can you give us the exact text of the message? Also post the results of "uname -a" so we know what version of unix you use.
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Hi Perderabo

thank you very much for your quick response let bring you my OS version and the exact message and.
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Hi Perderabo

I am sorry to being late, you are correct (I have never seen a message like that) the problem actually for the APP. which is install on UNIX.

thank you a lot my friend
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