how I know owner of file and its permission through c program

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Top Forums Programming how I know owner of file and its permission through c program
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how I know owner of file and its permission through c program

I havea particular file.

how I know ownerof the file as well as file permission using c program.

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Use the stat system call.
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Originally Posted by era
Use the stat system call.
helo thx for yr help.

I want to write a program in c:

I have one binary which create different users and u can log in with that user.

Now,I m creating a particular file usinag a particular user login

suppose I create test.scrn file under test user..

Now I m logining under another user lets say test1

Now I want that file create under test user want be deleted for this user test1

so how I write general logic for that

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Now I want that file create under test user want be deleted for this user test1
Can you please re-word this question?
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Smilie Hemm! Quite confusing!

Do you mean you want the file created by user test to be unavailable(deleted) to user test1?
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