Binary not getting executed from Java on Solaris environment

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Old 07-03-2008
Binary not getting executed from Java on Solaris environment

In the Java programme, I am calling function, "Runtime.getRuntime().exec( cmdarray ); " with the array of arguments in which first argument is the binary(C-executable) file and argv1,argv2 and so on. This will be executed on Sun OS system.. I can execute using "sh -c cmdarray" on the shell environment without any problem...I have to execute without "sh -c" since the parent process ends due to execv system call (in binary file) and launches new process image....When i tried executing cmd array without "sh -c" prefix, it is failing with IOException as shown below,

Error: /finder/95s/ed/bin/or_run_report 'INSTALL/install@fnd9i' SPIDER /users/sch83995/1214981744605_0.lst /finder/95s/ed/scripts/well_checkshot_survey.sql 'NULL' 'WELLS' SQLPLUS noprint delete DISPLAY 131374 'Checkshot survey data report' REP_1214981744688_1 : not found. Unable to run report 'Checkshot survey data report'. Please try again.

Any help is appreciated !!
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