Uncompress on linux a UDP Payload compressed on win$ using closed source library

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Old 05-24-2008
Uncompress on linux a UDP Payload compressed on win$ using closed source library

I am trying to uncompress a UDP packets payload. The data was compressed using "Xceed Version 4.3" which is a closed source windows program. I need to uncompress the data on a linux box. The technical support people at Xceed tell me that the data was compressed using "the Deflate compression method and formatted using the ZLib format, which is a small header at the start of the data. " You can read the details of their reply at Xceed Community - Does Xceed use industry standard compression algorithms ?

An example of the compressed data is:

The complete capture of the UDP packets is at:

I have tried running:
# g++ zpipe.c -lz [zpipe.c is at http://www.zlib.net/zpipe.c ]
# ./a.out -d < compressedpacket.1.txt > uncompressedpacket.1.txt
zpipe: invalid or incomplete deflate data

I am wondering how should I go about debugging the problem.

Any help and access to your time would be very much appreciated,

Best Wishes,
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