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Old 06-04-2002
Data List of Thread IDs of a process


Can some one tell how to read the thread IDs of the current process in Sun Solaris.

Any help will be appreciated.

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P_CANDEBUG(9)						   BSD Kernel Developer's Manual					     P_CANDEBUG(9)

p_candebug -- determine debuggability of a process SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/param.h> #include <sys/proc.h> int p_candebug(struct thread *td, struct proc *p); DESCRIPTION
This function can be used to determine if a given process p is debuggable by the thread td. SYSCTL VARIABLES
The following sysctl(8) variables directly influence the behaviour of p_candebug(): kern.securelevel Debugging of the init process is not allowed if this variable is 1 or greater. security.bsd.unprivileged_proc_debug Must be set to a non-zero value to allow unprivileged processes access to the kernel's debug facilities. RETURN VALUES
The p_candebug() function returns 0 if the process denoted by p is debuggable by thread td, or a non-zero error return value otherwise. ERRORS
[EACCESS] The MAC subsystem denied debuggability. [EAGAIN] Process p is in the process of being exec()'ed. [EPERM] Thread td lacks super-user credentials and process p is executing a set-user-ID or set-group-ID executable. [EPERM] Thread td lacks super-user credentials and process p's group set is not a subset of td's effective group set. [EPERM] Thread td lacks super-user credentials and process p's user IDs do not match thread td's effective user ID. [EPERM] Process p denotes the initial process initproc() and the sysctl(8) variable kern.securelevel is greater than zero. [ESRCH] Process p is not visible to thread td as determined by cr_seeotheruids(9) or cr_seeothergids(9). [ESRCH] Thread td has been jailed and process p does not belong to the same jail as td. [ESRCH] The MAC subsystem denied debuggability. SEE ALSO
jail(2), sysctl(8), cr_seeothergids(9), cr_seeotheruids(9), mac(9), p_cansee(9), prison_check(9) BSD
November 19, 2006 BSD