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How to toggle BACKSPACE/DEL function for backArrow key for terminal other than xterm?

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Top Forums Programming How to toggle BACKSPACE/DEL function for backArrow key for terminal other than xterm?
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Old 05-31-2002
Question How to toggle BACKSPACE/DEL function for backArrow key for terminal other than xterm?

Hi all,
I've got the problem which I can't resolve with my knowledge Smilie
For xterm terminal we have resource class XTerm*backarrowKey. If we set it to true, backspace code (ASCII 0x8) will be sent to program. We can get it using e.g. getc() function. If it is disabled getc() returns DEL(0x7F).
The problem exists when I use other terminal, which have not have possibility to toggle this function -- "Konsole" from KDE. May be there is another way to do this, common for couple of terminal? Or for "konsole" only.
Could you help me with this problem, please?

Dmitry Belyavsky.

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