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Old 04-28-2002
character validation

how do i validate against charcaters in c ta
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Old 04-29-2002

I read your other post as well but I am not sure what you're isn't hard to validate values (x >=1 && x <=3, etc) so I am not sure what you're really asking.

You probably want to put up some code for us to help you or explain better? You are coding in C? Korn shell? What?
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Old 04-29-2002

right guys i am coding in c yes

here is the exact problem i am asking for a number 1 - 3 to be entered, and i only want them to input 1 - 3, i have validated against input of numbers outside that range and need to know how to validate against a charcater being entered, hope this helps
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Old 04-29-2002
So you have already checked that they've entered numbers between 1 and 3?

Then what you are saying is
if (x == '1') {
do something;
if (x =='2' {
do s/t;

better yet...

switch (x) {
case '1':
do something:
case '2':

do something:
case '3':

do something:
printf("Please enter values between 1 and 3!");

Let me know if this helps or if I understand.

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Old 04-30-2002
not really mate, cause what i am doing is, they enter a number, which must be 1 - 3 if it is it does something, else it prints an error i can do it for outside the limits but not for charcter input.
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Old 04-30-2002
I still don't understand what the issue is but you can look at:


and maybe use a combination or one or several to get what you want...(ex, if isalpha() returns TRUE(non-zero) then use tolower(c) make make all entries lowercase then do your comparison...)

Good luck.
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Old 04-30-2002
lets see

right then to make this super clear dude

if (vert >3)
prinf("too big\n");
else if (vert <1)
printf("too small\n");
printf("please re-enter\n");
printf("well don correct");

but if the person enters a character the program crashes , any help at all
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