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Old 12-05-2007
Writing Makefile

Hello All;
I am going to write an application in C/C++ which has so many source files and hence created

many subdirectories. My area of concern is to write makefile. What i thought that each

subdirectory would have own makefile and wanted to have one parent makefile which will call all

makefile one by one and build all source files. For example:

| | |
-----|-------- --------|--------- ------|-------
| | | | | |
src hdr src hdr src hdr

A(folder) -> B,C,D (under A directory 3 subdirectory B,C, and D present)
B(directory)->src and hdr subdirectory
c(directory)->src and hdr subdirectory
d(directory)->src and hdr subdirectory

What i want that I should have one makefile under src directory of B, C and D folder. Also i

should have one parent makefile under A folder. So my idea is that if i run A directory makefile

then all subdirectories source files should compiled and generate executable in A folder.

Can somebody help me to write makefile for the above scenario??

Appreciate your any help.

Nikhil Ranjan
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Old 12-05-2007
This should be a start

        set -e; \
        for d in $(DIRS); do \
                (cd ../$$d && $(MAKE)) || exit 1; \


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Old 12-05-2007
Thanks Vino for your quick response. But whatever you have given is very high level makefile. Can you pls help me to understand your thought. what is debug and release?? Is it possible for you to explain each line??

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Old 12-05-2007
I have modified the code snippet. That should be easy to understand.

Usually debug and release are two build modes. One is for debug purposes and the other is for release purpose. You can ignore that for now.
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