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Proxy Checker in C

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Old 10-23-2007
Proxy Checker in C

Hello Everyone

Im planning to make a C program to check a proxy server if it is working or bot, test the proxy speed ,response time , as well as a proxy type.
i'm learning using libcurl right now to fetch http headers. do you guys have some links about how to check proxy headers?. Thank you.

Sorry for my noobness.
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CURLOPT_PROXYTYPE(3)					     curl_easy_setopt options					      CURLOPT_PROXYTYPE(3)

CURLOPT_PROXYTYPE - proxy protocol type SYNOPSIS
#include <curl/curl.h> CURLcode curl_easy_setopt(CURL *handle, CURLOPT_PROXYTYPE, long type); DESCRIPTION
Pass one of the values below to set the type of the proxy. CURLPROXY_HTTP HTTP Proxy. Default. CURLPROXY_HTTPS HTTPS Proxy. (Added in 7.52.0 for OpenSSL, GnuTLS and NSS) CURLPROXY_HTTP_1_0 HTTP 1.0 Proxy. This is very similar to CURLPROXY_HTTP except it uses HTTP/1.0 for any CONNECT tunnelling. It does not change the HTTP version of the actual HTTP requests, controlled by CURLOPT_HTTP_VERSION(3). CURLPROXY_SOCKS4 SOCKS4 Proxy. CURLPROXY_SOCKS4A SOCKS4a Proxy. Proxy resolves URL hostname. CURLPROXY_SOCKS5 SOCKS5 Proxy. CURLPROXY_SOCKS5_HOSTNAME SOCKS5 Proxy. Proxy resolves URL hostname. Often it is more convenient to specify the proxy type with the scheme part of the CURLOPT_PROXY(3) string. DEFAULT
CURLOPT_PROXY(3), CURLOPT_PROXYPORT(3), libcurl 7.54.0 February 06, 2017 CURLOPT_PROXYTYPE(3)

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