Sharing C++ Objects with virtual function table pointers

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Old 01-24-2002
Question Sharing C++ Objects with virtual function table pointers

I am pondering the next question:
Can I safely sare objects that have virtual functions (i.e. have
virtual function table pointers) between two processes ?
Where will the pointers point to in each process ?
What I am afraid of is that in the creating process the pointer
will indeed point to the virtual function table, but in the
sharing process that pointer will point at junk.

Can anyone calm me or maybe confirm my fears ?

Thank you !
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Old 01-24-2002
If the virtual function table is in process A, then the pointer to the table is in the process address space of process A and has no meaning in process B, so if you pass the pointer to process B, it would be meaningless. I don't know what OS you're using, but have you thought of using shared libraries to share the code. If that isn't an option, what about shared memory?
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Old 01-27-2002
more about shared objects

Hi, to be more specific :
I am using AIX on R6k, and shared memory is an option.
How can that approach solve the problem ? Isn't szared memory
mapped into each process's vitual address space anyway ?
And what is the deal about shared libraries ? what are those ?
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