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Sleep or Dealy fucntion Issue

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Old 07-04-2007
Sleep or Dealy fucntion Issue

I am doing some programming using C on UNIX. The thing is, I have been working in both UNIX and Windows for practicing.

I created a Delay fucntion over Windows using DevC++ as a compiler, when I tried over the console, it worked as I expected, I mean it was creating a delay (of one second for example) between each operation.

When I tried this function over UNIX, it didn't get the same results. I would like to know what is happening. Then, I tried a Sleep function from the <unistd.h> library and it did the same. When I tried to do an operation that will be printed in the same line, the delay used between each operation is acummulated and then everything is done. For example;

Sleep(1); printf("Hi"); Sleep(1); printf("How"); Sleep(1); printf("are"); Sleep(1); printf("you?");

I have to wait four seconds to get all the expression to be printed in the screen, instead of getting each expresion with a one second delay. I hope somebody can help me out. I will aprecciate any help.

Other thing, I have been using the conio.h library of windows to put some color on the console. What can I used on UNIX? Can anybody give a working example?
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Old 07-04-2007
1. try


the problem you describe is caused by stdio doing buffering.

2. look to curses/ncurses to provide terminal independent fancy output else encode VT100 escape sequences yourself.
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Old 07-04-2007
Ok I am going to try the code you are telling me. It is wear how different works the stdio in Windows so.

Can you help out with the curses.h library? I just want to put some color and maybe some flashing text.. that's all..
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Old 07-05-2007
They are (a) different operating systems and (b) have different implementations of the C library.
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Old 07-05-2007
I want the details for UNIX. Either KDE 3.5 or KNOPPIX 5.1. By the way, I tried what you told me and it work very good!

How do I use the VT100 ESC Sequences?


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Old 07-05-2007
Originally Posted by josejesus3340
I want the details for UNIX.
That's why we are here.

Originally Posted by josejesus3340
Either KDE 3.5 or KNOPPIX 5.1.
Then surely X-Windows would be the route to go.

Originally Posted by josejesus3340
How do I use the VT100 ESC Sequences?
Embed them in the character stream you write to the terminal..


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Old 07-05-2007
Let me understand something. If I want to put some color to for example:

printf("\033[5m"); printf("Blue");

printf("\033[5m"); printf("Green");

Is it going to be this way? or everything together?

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