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creating a new C script

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Question creating a new C script

All right. Heres the deal, I need to know everysingle command or funtion there is to create a new c file (file.c). Heres the catch: I cannot use text editors!!!Smilie

I heard of a "gcc" command is that any good?Smilie

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creating a new C script

Hi AbRa...

Take a look at the following link:

Why can't you use a text-editor?
You need an editor to write the code.
Gcc is a C/C++ compiler, which is used
to compile the code into some program.

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Based on the three posts I've seen from Abra...
this individual is either just "having-fun"
with the forum or just plain doesn't understand
in which case I would recommend some sort of
study program. Smilie

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