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Old 11-22-2001
Question Ansi C

Dear All,

I have to develope some C functions in Unix for a Magic program. The original MSE code which compiles the attached C program uses a +z option, but the cc compiler don't know this. The complete command in the compiler script is 'cc -c -Aa +z myfile.c'. The warning message is 'The -z option is available only with the C/ANSI C product; ignored' and the same for -A option. The real problem is that the linker sends another message: 'DP relative code in file ... - shared library must be positioned independent. Use +z or +Z to recompile.'.
I tried a gcc compiler but it answered another message 'missing '(' after predicate'.
I found a compiler called lcc, but I didn't found +z option in it's options list and the install process of this compiler is too difficult for me. I don't know it is worth to install it.
I'm very new in Unix and don' t know the solution. Any comments you give me will be welcomed.
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Old 11-22-2001
+z? Is this an HPUX system? There is a simple C compiler in more HPUX systems or similar that they re not ANSI. You have to buy the full C compiler. On the other hand if you try gcc, you have to try to compile GNU projects or similar, because then you can use the script "configure" which includes the right header files. If you use gcc with products that want the native c compiler, i am afraid that you wont succeed, because these programs consider that they have the header files and libraries exactly as they want them to be. "configure" does a lot of job and even then sometimes you have to make great changes in code and parameters.
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Old 11-23-2001
Thank you Thalex.

I found an option in gcc. It is -fpic which similar with +z, but I get other error messages:
as: warning 2: Unknown option "--traditional-format" ignored
as: "var/tmp/cceALvyd.s", line 82: error 1052: Directive name not recognized -NSUBSPA
and other lines with similar contents.
The 'as' is an assemby compiler and the 'cceALvyd.s' is a temporary file (I think) but what is this -NSUBSPA and the '--traditional-format' and how can I change anything about this?
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Old 11-23-2001
The -traditional directive to assembler must be in the Makefile somewhere. find it and delete it.
But the error is in the assembly code in the .s temporary file.
Are you sure that the programs is EXACTLY for the processor you have?
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Old 11-23-2001
Meanwhile I found something about this in a mailing list at It is:
'Yes, if you configure gcc to use gnu binutils but instead pass your .o files to hpux as, this is the result. Use 'gcc --help' to learn about its search path display options; make sure you have installed binutils so that it may be found on those paths, e.g. in the same directory as gcc e.g. /usr/local'
It is an answer for a similar problem of somebody else.
I didn't configure or pass anything but I will. ;-)
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