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Python3 replace string with another string

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Python3 replace string with another string

i have this python3 code

urls = ['']
for url in urls:
    response = requests.get(url)
    soup = BeautifulSoup(response.content, "html.parser")
    pattern = re.compile(r'https(.*?)m3u8')
    script = soup.find("script", text=pattern)

when run it prints this url


i need to replace \u002D with -

how to do that so url prints like this


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Hi bob123...

I don't use BeautifulSoup but you could try putting it into a variable, untested:

# 3  
hi thanks for reply

that just prints the same url with no change

i need to replace \u002D with -
# 4  
Not sure I understand your request. Do you want to enhance your python3 script to do the replacement / interpretation within, or do you want to process its output afterwards with a standard *nix text tool?
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Originally Posted by RudiC
Not sure I understand your request. Do you want to enhance your python3 script to do the replacement / interpretation within, or do you want to process its output afterwards with a standard *nix text tool?

yes i want to

enhance my python3 script to do the replacement

from this


replacing \u002D with -

so url prints like this


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Hi bob123...
Which version of python 3.x.x are you using, OS, and machine...

--- Post updated at 11:41 PM ---

I hope this does not attach itself to the previous...
It looks like you are using an early version of Python 3.x.x, so untested try this...
MYURL=str.replace(MYURL, '\u002D', '-')

This User Gave Thanks to wisecracker For This Post:
# 7  
hi thanks for reply

im using

python --version

Python 3.7.6 in ubuntu

and the same in windows Python 3.7.6

this did not replace
\u002D -
MYURL=str( MYURL=str.replace(MYURL, '\u002D', '-') print(MYURL)

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