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Basic Arduino UNO Bluetooth Testing with the BLE 4.0 (CC2541, MLT-BT04 IC)

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Top Forums Programming Basic Arduino UNO Bluetooth Testing with the BLE 4.0 (CC2541, MLT-BT04 IC)
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Old 01-27-2020
Here is my latest test sketch for the ArduinoBlue example app with the added message examples back to the iPhone.

Note that earlier I missed the method in the example sketch (see highlight in red below) to send a message back to the iPhone:

  ArduinoBlue example code to demonstrate the features of the app.

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#include <ArduinoBlue.h>

const unsigned long BAUD_RATE = 9600;

// The bluetooth tx and rx pins must be supported by software serial.
// Visit for unsupported pins.
// Bluetooth TX -> Arduino D8
const int BLUETOOTH_TX = 8;
// Bluetooth RX -> Arduino D7
const int BLUETOOTH_RX = 7;

int prevThrottle = 49;
int prevSteering = 49;
int throttle, steering, sliderVal, button, sliderId;

SoftwareSerial bluetooth(BLUETOOTH_TX, BLUETOOTH_RX);
ArduinoBlue phone(bluetooth); // pass reference of bluetooth object to ArduinoBlue constructor

// Setup code runs once after program starts.
void setup() {
  // Start serial communications.
  // The baud rate must be the same for both the serial and the bluetooth.

  Serial.println("setup complete");
  phone.sendMessage("Arduino setup complete");


// Put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
void loop() {
  // ID of the button pressed pressed.
  button = phone.getButton();

  // Returns the text data sent from the phone.
  // After it returns the latest data, empty string "" is sent in subsequent.
  // calls until text data is sent again.
  String str = phone.getText();

  // Throttle and steering values go from 0 to 99.
  // When throttle and steering values are at 99/2 = 49, the joystick is at center.
  throttle = phone.getThrottle();
  steering = phone.getSteering();

  // ID of the slider moved.
  sliderId = phone.getSliderId();

  // Slider value goes from 0 to 200.
  sliderVal = phone.getSliderVal();

  // Display button data whenever its pressed.
  if (button != -1) {
    Serial.print("Button: ");
    phone.sendMessage("Button: " + String(button));


  // Display slider data when slider moves
  if (sliderId != -1) {
    Serial.print("Slider ID: ");
    Serial.print("\tValue: ");

  // Display throttle and steering data if steering or throttle value is changed
  if (prevThrottle != throttle || prevSteering != steering) {
    Serial.print("Throttle: "); Serial.print(throttle); Serial.print("\tSteering: "); Serial.println(steering);
    prevThrottle = throttle;
    prevSteering = steering;

  // If a text from the phone was sent print it to the serial monitor
  if (str != "") {

  // Send string from serial command line to the phone. This will alert the user.
  if (Serial.available()) {
    Serial.write("send: ");
    String str = Serial.readString();
    phone.sendMessage(str); // phone.sendMessage(str) sends the text to the phone.

ArduinoBlue is the "clear winner" of this round of BLE testing with the Arduino UNO and the iPhone.
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