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Makefile missing include path Although the path exists and defined

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Top Forums Programming Makefile missing include path Although the path exists and defined
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Old 12-26-2019
Makefile missing include path Although the path exists and defined

i have make file which i try to make them generic
but it keeps to compline it missing include directory
this is the makefile :

    CPPFAGS= -Wall -O0 -g -std=c++14
    INCLUDES = -I/home/vagrant/libuv/include -Isrc
    LIBS_DIRS = -L/home/vagrant/libuv/build
    LDFLAGS= -lssl -lcrypto
    LIB_STATIC = -Wl,--no-as-needed -Bstatic -luv_a -ldl -lpthread
    SOURCE = $(wildcard echo.cpp) \
             $(wildcard src/*.cpp)
    OBJ = $(SOURCE:.cpp=.o)
    DEP = $(OBJ:.o=.d)
    TARGET = myproj
    $(TARGET) : $(OBJ)
            $(CXX) $(CPPFLAGS) $(INCLUDES) -o $@ $^ $(LIBS_DIRS) $(LDFLAGS) $(LIB_STATIC)
    all: $(TARGET)
            rm -f $(OBJ) $(TARGET)
            rm -f $(DEP)
    .PHONY:all clean cleandep

when i make : make -n :


       make -n
    g++    -c -o echo.o echo.cpp
    g++    -c -o src/base64.o src/base64.cpp
    g++    -c -o src/Server.o src/Server.cpp
    g++    -c -o src/sha1.o src/sha1.cpp
    g++    -c -o src/Client.o src/Client.cpp
    g++  -I/home/vagrant/libuv/include -Isrc -o myproj echo.o src/base64.o src/Server.o src/sha1.o src/Client.o -L/home/vagrant/libuv/build -lssl -lcrypto  -Wl,--no-as-needed -Bstatic -luv_a -ldl -lpthread

when i invoke make , im getting this error:

    g++    -c -o echo.o echo.cpp
    In file included from src/Server.h:9:0,
                     from echo.cpp:1:
    src/Client.h:6:10: fatal error: uv.h: No such file or directory
     #include <uv.h>
    compilation terminated.
    make: *** [echo.o] Error 1

but the uv do exist in : /home/vagrant/libuv/include

Last edited by Neo; 12-26-2019 at 08:55 AM.. Reason: Code Tags Please See YT Video on this:
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Old 12-26-2019
Please list the directory as follow;

ls -l /home/vagrant/libuv/include

and post back the results (in code tags). See link in prior post if you forgot how to use code tags.
# 3  
Old 12-26-2019
strange path /home/vagrant/libuv/include
vagrant is your username?
# 4  
Old 12-26-2019
ls -l /home/vagrant/libuv/include
total 64
drwxrwxr-x. 2 vagrant vagrant   251 Dec 23 07:23 uv
-rw-rw-r--. 1 vagrant vagrant 64006 Dec 23 07:23 uv.h

# 5  
Old 12-26-2019
What happens if you change:

g++    -c -o echo.o echo.cpp

to this:

g++  -I/home/vagrant/libuv/include  -c -o echo.o echo.cpp

This User Gave Thanks to Neo For This Post:
# 6  
Old 12-26-2019
g++ -c -o echo.o echo.cpp
g++ -c -o src/Server.o src/Server.cpp
You collect object files without connecting the path to the header
You need to explicitly write -I/home/vagrant/libuv/include for a compilation of these objects
thanks @Neo
I deal with the task for a long time and did not reload the page

Last edited by nezabudka; 12-26-2019 at 11:48 AM..
# 7  
Old 12-26-2019
add the following lines
%.o: %.c 
        $(CXX) $(INCLUDES) -c $^ -o $@

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